OUR Products

Crop Farm Benchmarking

For those with existing crop farms and in need of improving performance of the crop farm. Our crop benchmark checks the gaps between the current level of operation and the optimal. It brings out the actions needed to be done for the farm to operate optimally. For the crop farm benchmarking (CFB)

This is a comprehensive assessment of your farm in detail. The report then outlines to you the areas that are less optimized, and urgent steps for your crop farm.

Crop Investment Plan

If you are starting a crop farm or in need of renovating you crop farm, we recommend a crop investment plan. This is essentially a business planning with a focus on crop business, it is a guide on how to set up the farm from assets, plan layouts, production, skill sets financials, markets, sources of inputs, and operations.

It is the right product for those willing to start and run professional crop farms. Let's do crop business professionally.

Farmer Training in Groups

Practical Training for farmers & Managers. Biva Agribusiness Consulting Company is involved in training of small holder farmers in Central and Northern Uganda. Key topic areas on crop are chosen and farmers taken through the practical aspects of the crop business on the model farms.

Some of these topics undertaken here include: record keeping, use of fertilizers, soil testing and maintenance, modern irrigation and water preservation, quality assurance and so much more.

Biva Agribusiness Consulting Company Commercial Services

We support crop farmers with customizing and developing products and solutions for their enterprises. Our range of services, solutions and products include: a tool solution of farm management tools advisory on investment plans for existing enterprises, software for crop management, garden design and construction annual training, farm management support and international study tours. We also source inputs locally and internationally, these include seeds, fertilizers.

With more demand, our list of solutions, services and inputs for the farmer, keeps growing; therefore we will keep adding this list.

Crop Projects Development Programs

BACC conducts research for development projects, value chain analysis, baseline studies, implementation and training in project management of crop projects. We continuously engage market leaders and other stakeholders on finding new innovative ways to improve the local crop chain. .

Our services have benefited organizations in Uganda



At BIVA We Identify Key Influencing Areas In Agriculture Which We Interogate Jointly With Other Key Stake Holders.


We Focus on Providing Knowledge To Our Farmers in Order To Boost Productivity and Sustainability Within The Agricultural Value Chain.

Agribusiness Development

We Work Together With The The Existing and New Small Holder Farmers to Develop Viable Agribusiness Ventures.

Biva Relations To The Sustainable Development Goals

1. No poverty
2. Environment and Climatic Change
3. Descent work And Economic Growth
4. Reduced Inequalities
5. Gender Equality

Our Story

Biva Agribusiness Consulting Company sprouted from the strong conviction for Agriculture, Innovation and transformation.Founders, Mr. Paul Ssebatta and Miss Regina Geraldine Nakawuki, Professional Civil Engineer and Business Developer respectively. Paul CEO of Biva Agribusiness Consulting Company. Back in 1990’s, in the aftermath of “Bush war” Paul grew up seeing and often times visiting his grandfather’s farm in “GOMBA” located in rural central Uganda. Witnessing a community of deprived Ugandans trying to make a living and indeed making ends meet.
Paul and Regina were inspired to engage in agriculture to boost economic development after seeing the possibilities of agriculture changing lives. Thus solving the unemployment challenge through entrepreneurship.



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